How to Prepare and Cook a Gourmet Three Bird Roast

In old England, multi-bird roasts regularly graced the tables of Royalty. One old recipe called for a turkey, a goose, a pheasant, a partridge, a quail and a woodcock. This recipe is more economical in that it only calls for a duck, a chicken, a guinea fowl and a sausage. The guinea fowl can be substituted for a pheasant during the UK shooting season.

How to Prepare Duck, Chicken and Guinea Fowl for a Three Bird Roast

The chicken and guinea fowl should be boned completely and it’s probably easier and less time consuming to ask the butcher to do this. The duck needs to have the leg and wing bones kept on, the chicken should have the legs and wings intact but fully boned. The guinea fowl’s legs and wings should be removed.

Be sure not to throw away the bones and the guinea fowl legs. The spare pieces of guinea fowl can be frozen and used on a different day for a different dish and the bones of all the birds can be boiled up (either individually or altogether) to make stock which can be frozen and used in soups and casseroles as and when.

Assembling the Individual Components of a Three Bird Roast

Simply, a three bird roast consists of layering birds on top of each other (in descending order of size), separated by stuffing. The two different types of stuffing used in the three bird roast described here were sausage meat and apricot stuffing between the duck and the chicken and a
sage and onion stuffing between the chicken and the guinea fowl. But any of these stuffing recipes for goose would do just as well.

So, how is it assembled? First, make sure everything is ready and to hand – put the stuffing in bowls (about 8oz in weight of each will be enough) and lay the birds out flat with the sausage readily to hand (see the second picture below). Then spread the sausage meat stuffing over the non-skin side of the duck so it is evenly covered.

Lay the chicken on top of the sausage meat stuffing, skin side down. Spread the sage and onion stuffing evenly over the flesh side of the chicken then lay the boned guinea fowl, skin side down on top of that. Finally place the sausage in the middle of the guinea fowl (see the third picture).

How to Prepare and Cook a Gourmet Three Bird Roast
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