Kotilingeswaraswamy Temple – Visit The Tallest Shiva Linga

It is a shrine visited by millions of people. The Court of Appeal has written to those who are still at the helm of such a temple. The two were sharing and co-operating with the church administration. Here is the story of the sheriff’s departure towards the Court Three Pangasinanas for those who sought to overthrow the rule of the Church of Andrea.

The Kolar District Collector J Kumaraswamy is in charge of the management of Kotilingeswaswamy Temple in Kammasandra, a renowned religious center in Kolar. Manjunath. On the other hand, Kotelingeshwara temple is a famous shrine in South India. All these scenes were found in Kammasandra village of KGF taluk in Kolar district. District Collector J Manjunath assumed office today in the wake of the KGF court’s decision to handle all the duties of the shrine until the dispute between the two factions is resolved. The ten-month legal battle for the temple bishop with Idr has reached another stage.

A Little History

The Kotilingeswaraswamy Temple was established thirty years ago by the trustee of this field, Sri Sambha Shivamurthy Swamiji. The main attraction of the area is the Swamiji’s attempt to make it a tourist destination by installing a 108 ft high Shiva Lingam here. Visitors from many places in South India are crowded on important days of the year. The Kotilingeswaraswamy Temple, which was so prominent, got into a controversy with the mantra of Swamiji’s death ten months ago. Within a few months of Swamiji Avr’s death at the Kotlingeshwara Temple, a veiled war broke out between his son Dr. Shivaprakash and the temple secretary KV Kumari. Within a few days, the dispute reached a logical level and the police station and the court were up. The KGF court, which is currently hearing the case, has ordered a committee headed by the District Collector to take charge of the entire temple until the dispute between the two factions is settled.

DC J. Manjunatha Avru, who accompanied the officials to the Kottilingeswaraswamy temple today, convinced the court order and secured the registration of the movable and immovable properties of Tahsildar. Dr Sivaprakash, son of the late Sambhavasiva Swamiji, said that he would challenge the lower court order in the High Court. KV Kumari Avru, a faction in the lawsuit, welcomed the district administration’s handling of the temple as ordered by the court. He said that the district had the opportunity of serving the Lord until the case was settled in the court.

The devotees’ wish is to temporarily break the order of the court on the radar of the two factions of the Kammasandra temple for the whole. The late Sambhashivaswamyji, who has made the Kotelingeshwara temple a major pilgrimage center in South India, is awaiting the devotees’ devotional rituals without any disturbance.

Native legend use to claim that a sage called Gautama used to be cursed by Lord Indra, and to off himself from the curse, the sage positioned a ‘Shiva-lingam’ (depiction of the Lord Shiva) and prayed towards the Lord. He smeared the lingam with 10 million river water. The same ‘Shiva-lingam’ now rests in the arcade of the temples. The Kotilingeswara Temple happens to be prevalent with believers of Lord Shiva and the Maha Shivratri festival use to be celebrated in the temple with lots of fervour.

Kotilingeswaraswamy Temple – Visit The Tallest Shiva Linga
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