Paradise on your plate

The chillness of jazz with the taste of our food is a complete package that we guarantee will send you to paradise and back


We provide the best dining experience with the best jazz music in the city, so if you’re a jazz lover, we guarantee it will be a visit you will never forget.


Jazz music has a chillness to it that no modern dance music can simulate to it. With our food and music, your visit will surely be a worthwhile one


Food & Drinks

Check out our elaborate elite menu with dishes from across the globe.


Experience the feel of the 70s with the sound of jazz playing in the background.

Special Events

Join Us On Special Events

We organize several events all year, with performances from retired greats. Check out what we have for this year by clicking the link below!


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What a wonderful atmosphere to dine in! Exquisite cuisine with the jazz music, simply marvellous!

Gordon S. Alfaro

image (13)

As a jazz lover, this would be my number one recommendation to my friends!

Cheryl R. Dubreuil

image (12)

The sheer calmness that Blue Martini Jazz Cafe brought me is beyond words! Undoubtedly one of the best cafes in the city, and arguably in the country!

Joseph L. Faust


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Swimming pool builder: how to choose the right one

Pool company

The swimming pool installation company will provide you with fascinating designs and models created with digital tools so that you can visualize in a wonderful way how the pool would look in your property. Then the construction of swimming pools will be a quick process that in a few days will allow you to have the pool of your dreams.

Any architectural design, shape or style

A professional swimming pool installation company, works with shotcrete techniques that can be adapted to any customer request. In this sense, they can make a pool for you regardless of its shape. These can be square, with irregular sides, round, kidney-shaped. You just have to present your idea and team of experts will build it for you.

Similarly, during the construction process, a great variety of structural elements such as stairs, beaches and benches can be integrated. The options are extensive and are also manufactured in the design or style of your preference.

private pool

Modern coronation and illuminations

The creation of edges that make your pool stand out, and that also gives it personality, is one of our specialties. Experts use materials such as stoneware, wood, and artificial stone to create captivating edges. Another element that will be vital for the style and personality of your pool is lighting. You can opt for traditional alternatives, but you will also have the wonderful fiber optic lighting systems or LED lighting systems.

Water treatment and final finishes

Water purification is important, therefore, you will be provided with advice and installation of efficient and adequate equipment for the needs of your pool. You can opt for traditional chlorination treatment systems as well as modern electrolysis, ionization, ozone, UV systems.

Once most of your pool is finished, there is nothing left but to provide comfort and harmony. This is where the skill of experienced designers comes into play. At swimming pool installation service they use to provide you with the installation of decorative furniture, artificial grass, beaches, tents and other elements that will make your pool look spectacular.

During the summer do the maintenance

Now, once the pool is installed, whether it is built-in or prefabricated in polyester, experts will have to follow a series of maintenance. Not only so that the pool lasts in optimal conditions for as long as possible, but also so that the quality of the water that you can use every day is in the best conditions.

There are different methods for this, but there is nothing better than learning the uses of chlorine as it is the most efficient and economical method in general terms. This is the most used method for cleaning, maintenance and disinfection of swimming pools, especially because of its easy accessibility, since you can buy it in any store or large area. Not only that, but if the pool is small, it will be enough to buy a device and inside it will go the chlorine tablet itself, which will make everything easier.

Ultimately, chlorine can provide more confidence and almost everyone has minimal knowledge about the use of this chemical. It is highly effective, even with low doses, making it ideal for all types of pool installations. Simple and practical operation in every way.

How to Prepare and Cook a Gourmet Three Bird Roast

In old England, multi-bird roasts regularly graced the tables of Royalty. One old recipe called for a turkey, a goose, a pheasant, a partridge, a quail and a woodcock. This recipe is more economical in that it only calls for a duck, a chicken, a guinea fowl and a sausage. The guinea fowl can be substituted for a pheasant during the UK shooting season.

How to Prepare Duck, Chicken and Guinea Fowl for a Three Bird Roast

The chicken and guinea fowl should be boned completely and it’s probably easier and less time consuming to ask the butcher to do this. The duck needs to have the leg and wing bones kept on, the chicken should have the legs and wings intact but fully boned. The guinea fowl’s legs and wings should be removed.

Be sure not to throw away the bones and the guinea fowl legs. The spare pieces of guinea fowl can be frozen and used on a different day for a different dish and the bones of all the birds can be boiled up (either individually or altogether) to make stock which can be frozen and used in soups and casseroles as and when.

Assembling the Individual Components of a Three Bird Roast

Simply, a three bird roast consists of layering birds on top of each other (in descending order of size), separated by stuffing. The two different types of stuffing used in the three bird roast described here were sausage meat and apricot stuffing between the duck and the chicken and a
sage and onion stuffing between the chicken and the guinea fowl. But any of these stuffing recipes for goose would do just as well.

So, how is it assembled? First, make sure everything is ready and to hand – put the stuffing in bowls (about 8oz in weight of each will be enough) and lay the birds out flat with the sausage readily to hand (see the second picture below). Then spread the sausage meat stuffing over the non-skin side of the duck so it is evenly covered.

Lay the chicken on top of the sausage meat stuffing, skin side down. Spread the sage and onion stuffing evenly over the flesh side of the chicken then lay the boned guinea fowl, skin side down on top of that. Finally place the sausage in the middle of the guinea fowl (see the third picture).

Nature’s Express: A Vegan Fast Food Restaurant

Restaurants with explicit vegan options, let alone a full vegan menu, are relatively rare. So it must have been a bit of a surprise when a fully vegan restaurant with a fast food oriented and relatively affordable menu opened in Yuma, Arizona, a small city in the south-western corner of the state. Now with two locations, Nature’s Express continues to provide plant-based and great-tasting food to visitors in order to provide alternatives to regular fast-food and help support healthier eating habits. This article explores the history of Nature’s Express, lists some of its must-try menu items, and provides a brief discussion on having a diet higher in plant-based food items.

History of Nature’s Express

Nature’s Express was started in Yuma, Arizona by Carl Myers, M.D, a former oncologist (physician specializing in cancer). While practicing oncology in Yuma and reading the ever-growing amount of research on the negative effects Americans’ diets can have on their health, Carl decided to take a completely different path and open up a vegan fast food restaurant. In 2009, Carl left oncology to focus on the restaurant full-time. The Nature’s Express team consists, in part, of co-owner Jean Myers, a nutritionist and Carl’s wife, as well as the Yuma location’s branch manager, Jarcey Rodriguez, who joined the Nature’s Express team after trying one of the restaurant’s chili cheeseburgers and who has since also lost 45 pounds. In early 2010, Nature’s Express opened another location in Berkeley, California.

Recommended Nature’s Express Menu Items

Exploring the Nature’s Express menu is fun for everyone, but those who eat a diet high in vegetarian and vegan food items will be particularly pleased with the varied menu and its great prices (especially compared to other vegan restaurants). Some recommended items include the South of the Border or Mushroom burger with cheese, the hearty Nachos Supreme, the Thai Peanut wrap, the Chik-un fingers, and the Soft Serve “ice cream”. Soon Nature’s Express will be providing the full nutritional information of their menu items online, which will be helpful for customers or potential customers to compare Nature’s Express food to the food of other fast-food restaurants.

Potential Benefits of a Diet With More Plant-Based Ingredients

Becoming vegetarian or vegan does not necessarily mean one will become healthier, but adding more plant-based food items to one’s diet, in addition to eating more organic whole foods and less processed foods, can put one on the right track to better nutrition and a more healthy lifestyle. Leading such a lifestyle may help decrease rates of heart disease, diabetes, certain cancers, and autoimmune disorders. Therefore, while eating a 100% vegan diet may not always result in better health, places like Nature’s Express that offer delicious and plant-based food items provide a much healthier option to the typical fast-food restaurant. Nature’s Express provides a fast food model that will hopefully be emulated across the country.

Understanding the Type of Music For Bars and Pubs

Bars and Pubs

Music that you usually hear and music that you get to hear at bars and pubs are quite different for a long list of reasons. The songs that provide individual pleasure might not be the ones best suited for the atmosphere at bars and pubs. So to help you get this straight, we have come up with a brief take on the matter that tends to explore the type of music that is ideal for bars and pubs.

bars and pubs

Low and Slow Restaurant Background Music

Slow background music is one that suits the mood when you have a few customers on a lazy weekday. They tend to be comforted with slow music, and it needs to be popular. Going for old numbers from John Denver and other such artists is another valuable tip that you need to follow. By doing so, your playlist will be complete, and the ambiance of the place will become to create an appeal. But once again, you cannot play this type of music all the time.

Turn Up the Heat

When it comes to weekends, the crowd at bars and pubs are usually in excitement, and they all want to make the most of their time before another week starts. For that purpose, you should make it worth their time by providing songs that turn up the heat and invite people to the party. From classic pop songs to the best of hip hop, you are always welcome to mix genres and provide people something unique. In case you want to take things to a whole new level, then rock and roll is another suitable option.

The Importance of a Country Music Playlist

If your establishment is a family-friendly place, then country music is not something you want to ignore. It sets the ambiance and helps everyone listen to some good old tunes as they sip their favourite drink. Due to that, a country music playlist is a requirement. But if you believe that such measures will not work for your place, then a playlist of the classics from the 80s and 90s will do the trick. While putting put such songs, make sure you follow a random order and keep surprising the crowd.

Music Playlist

Music and Attention

Loud music is a requirement, but it is not something that always needs to be a part of the process. While it makes sense for Saturday nights, it does not provide justice for Monday nights. So control the volume as it decides the tone of attention that one will pay for the other features of your place. By keeping the volume at a minimum, you can expect people to focus on the specials you have rolled out.

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